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  • Thaipusam is an amalgamation of the words Thai, the name of the month, and Pusam, name of a star, which is the highest during this festival.
  • Thaipusam is celebrated by the Tamil Community in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February) on the full moon. Generally, this coincides with the Pushya star, known as Poosam in Tamil.
  • This festival is also observed among the Keralites and is known as Thaipooyam.
  • Majorly celebrated in countries with significant Tamil populations like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa & Canada.
  • It is also celebrated in countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica & other Caribbean nations where Tamilians reside as part of local Indian Diaspora.
  • This festival is celebrated to honour Lord Murugan, the Hindu God of war and son of Lord Shiva, in return for prayers that were answered.
  • It is famous for the spectacular site of devotees having piercings and bearing Kavadis which is considered to be a show of their devotion.
  • Piercing faces and bodies with swords, skewers and hooks & walking on burning coals is an inseparable part of this festival.


  • The nearest airport is Madurai Airport which is at a distance of 12 kilometres.
  • Madurai Airport has fair connectivity with the major airports of the country.
  • A direct or stopover flight can be booked to reach Madurai directly.
  • After reaching the airport, you can take a cab or pre-book it.


  • Madurai Junction is fairly connected with the metro cities around the country.
  • Due to the extensive railway network, Madurai is connected to a lot of towns and cities across India.
  • Regular super-fast trains run between Chennai & Madurai which are a good choice.


  • With 3 bus terminals in Madurai, it is well connected to all the major cities of Tamil Nadu & nearby states.
  • Although, it is not recommended for people who need to travel for long distances.
  • Regular government and private bus service to & from Madurai are available.

What is a tour without trying the local delicacies? Boring.

Come let’s make your mouth water just by reading the food options available in Madurai.


  • Murugan’s Idli Shop - Address: W Masi Rd, Near Pothys, Periyar Madurai Main, Madura.
  • Chandra Mess for Meat Balls - Address: Alagar Kovil Main Rd, Mellur, Vinayagar Nagar, Tallakulam, Madurai
  • Amma Mess for Non-Veg Food - Address: Alagar Kovil Rd, Madurai
  • Burma Idiyappam Kadai - Address: Deputy Collector Colony, Madurai
  • Jigarthandai - Address: E Marret St, Kamarajar Salai corner, Madurai
  • Kothu Parotta - Anywhere in the city on Push-carts.


  • Dosa & Grill - Address: Palamedu Main Rd, Shanthi Nagar, Madurai
  • Annapoorna Mithai- Address:
  • Ramnagar, Kalavasal Bypass Rd, Madurai
  • Ameer Mahal - Address: Pallivasal Street Goripalayam, Madurai


  • Utsav - Address: S S Colony, Madurai
  • The Banyan Restaurant - Address: The Heritage, 11, Melakkal Main Rd, Madurai
  • Vista - Address: The Gateway Hotel, Tirupparankundram Rd, Pasumalai, Madurai

Below Rs. 500 per night

  • Aakash Residency - It is a hotel with varied amenities like AC, foreign currency conversion & others. The staff here is really friendly and helpful.
  • Hotel Prem Niwas - This hotel is one of the best in its category. The staff works to increase customer satisfaction and the rooms are really good.
  • Vimas International Hotel - With laundry services and free WiFi, this is a good option for the travellers. It is an easy to reach hotel due to its great connectivity with the main roads.

Rs. 500-1000 Per Night

  • Hotel Shreenithi - Being one of the top-most hotels in the city, it caters the varied requirements of the customers with utmost courtesy & promptness.
  • Lake View Hotel - Established in K K Nagar, a prominent location, this hotel is a one-stop for their priority is customer satisfaction.
  • Hotel Johns - This hotel is easy to locate due to its prime location, i.e. opposite to a bus stand.


  • Hotel President - This hotel offers its customers to choose from well set non-Air Conditioned rooms, Air Conditioned rooms & suites. With in-dine facilities and varied services, this is one of the most renowned hotels in the area.
  • Hotel Star Residency - This hotel being one of the top-most 3-star hotels in the city caters to the varied requests of the customers with promptness. The staff is amicable and helpful.
  • Hotel M R International - This hotel offers a variety of rooms and services. Additionally, they have a good image in prioritising customer satisfaction. They serve the customers with love & care.


  • Poppys Hotel - They provide rooms in various categories and the staff is supportive & prompt in helping the visitors. It is a hotel that comforts a visitor with excellent service. Additionally, various payment options are available to choose from.
  • V Grand Hotel -  A place that offers varied services and with a lot of payment options, this is a convenient choice to make it to your list. With the motive of serving the customers with the best, this hotel surely does wonders when it comes to catering to the needs of the travellers.


  • Jigar Thandai
  • South Indian
  • Delicacies
  • Kothu Parotta


  • Periyar Dam
  • Local lifestyle
  • Tamil culture
  • Natural Landscapes
  • Western Ghats
  • Various lakes at the foothills of Palani Hills
  • Views around Shanmuga River, a tributary of Amaravathi River
  • City views


  • Gandhi Memorial
  • Museum, Madurai
  • Thirumalai Nayak Palace
  • Koodal Azhagar Temple
  • Kazimar Big Mosque

Gears –   

  • Wide-angle Lens
  • Zoom Lens
  • Portrait Lens
  • Tripod


  • 21℃ to 33℃
  • 69.8℉ to 91.4℉
  • It is hot & dry almost all around the year.
  • Night might be a bit cooler than the day in the month of February.

Shoot –

  • Kavadis
  • Piercings by the devotees
  • Decorations for the festival
  • Offerings to Lord Murugan
  • Natural Scenery

Safety –

  • Be vary of the real worshippers in the festival.
  • Be cautious of overcharging.
  • Carry prescription medicines.

How To Reach

Nearest Airport – Madurai Airport (12 kms)

Nearest Railway Station – Madurai Junction

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