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  • Although ‘mela’ translates to fair, this is a festival & not a fair.
  • It is celebrated right after Jagdalpur Dussehra in the last week of February every year.
  • It is also known as ‘Mata Mavli Mela’ or ‘Madai Festival of Narayanpur’.
  • It is held at the Mata Mavli Temple.
  • For the festivities, various tribes of Bastar region come together with their deities for the Narayanpur Mela.
  • Narayanpur Mela uncovers ways to living that the tribal groups abide by.
  • Worshipping the tribal deities is the main attraction of this festival.
  • Dances, Songs & other traditional forms of celebrations are held during the week.
  • Sessions of drinking are also considered an integral part of the festival.
  • The famous KoKrang dance is also performed here.
  • A speciality of the festival is that young people dance to the drum beats with 15-20 kg ghungroos on their backs.
  • A secret recipe is followed to make ‘Kajal’ for Mata Mavli and Sheetala Mata which is considered to be highly sacred by the devotees.
  • This kajal has to be applied on the forehead by the devotees and one might have to fight through a chaotic situation to have it applied.
  • This festival is supposed to be a meet-up of all the nearby deities like the 5 Pandavas & Sati Panchali are among the local deities which are counted to be around 85.
  • Thousands of devotees gather under a sacred tree & sacrifice a goat to honour Mata Mavli.
  • The night after this is spent dancing, singing & drinking.


  • The nearest airport is Swami Vivekananda Airport, Raipur, which is 230 kilometres away.
  • The airport is well-connected to all the major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc.
  • Once you reach the airport, you can book a cab or take a bus to Narayanpur.
  • The journey from the airport to the city would be around 5 hours.


  • The nearest well connected bus station to Narayanpur is Raipur, which is 230 kilometres away.
  • Raipur is well connected to all the major cities.
  • Deluxe & Semi-deluxe buses are available to and from Raipur.
  • Local/ Private bus services are available for Narayanpur at regular intervals.


  • The nearest well connected railway station is Raipur Railway Station.
  • It is well connected to major cities of the state & the nation.
  • You can take a cab or bus to Narayanpur, after you reach the railway station.


  • Sanjay Sinha Restaurant - Address: Sonpur Road, Narayanpur HO, Narayanpur
  • Balaji Hotel - Address: Old Bus Stand, Narayanpur
  • Sai Bhojnalaya - Address: New Bus Stand, Narayanpur, Chhattisgarh, Main Road, Narayanpur HO, Narayanpur
  • Anjali Hotel - Address: Sh 5, Narayanpur


  • Hotel Arihant - It is one of the best hotels in the city with varied amenities & services. It functions all through the week & is pocket friendly.
  • Soni Hotel - It is one of the most simple hotels stacked with basic amenities & essentials. They offer a good service with a great staff.
  • Umashankar Lodge - This is a comfy lodge with good facilities & amiable staff. They offer varied methods of payment making it easier for the customers.
  • Kamaljeet Lodge - It is a lodge furnished with basic necessities. They have a helping and co-operative staff. Making various payment options available is the cherry on top.
  • Sai Lodge - It is one of the best places in the area. With an easy to access location, it offers a cozy environment and a happy experience. It is equipped with various services for enhancing your experience.
  • Aahuja Lodge - With the option of food delivery that is booked online, this lodge provides a good accommodation. In addition to which, the service of the hotel is very good & the staff is very patient.
  • Pahadi Mata Mandir
  • Ramkrishna Mission Ashram


  • Handawada Waterfall
  • Shiv Temple
  • Handi-craft Centre

Gears –   

  • Zoom Lens
  • Wide-angle Lens
  • Portrait lens
  • Tripod
  • Safety cover for Camera


  • 31°C
  • 87.8°F
  • Days are warmer.
  • Nights are comparatively cool.

Shoot –

  • Tribal rituals
  • Local Traditions
  • Deities of the varied tribes
  • Costumes of the tribes
  • Various dance forms
  • Tribal life style
  • Festival activities

Safety –

  • Friendly People
  • Safe Place to Travel
  • Be cautious about overcharging
  • Carry prescription medicines
  • A handy torch
  • Cash

How To Reach

Nearest airport – Raipur Airport (230 kms)

Nearest railway station – Raipur Railway Station (230 kms)

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