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  • The meaning of Kulasekarapandian(Maharaja)+Pattinam(town) so, the town is named as Kulasekarapattinam when Maharaja Kulasekarapandian was ruling the city, one day he had a darshan of the Goddess directly. Henceforth the town has been named after the Maharaja.
  • Once upon a time the saint Agathiyar cursed the saint Varamuni so he became a man with a buffalo head.
  • The meaning of the term "Magisam" is buffalo.
  • Since he had a buffalo head he was called Magisasuran.
  • Magisasuran meditated and gained more power and started to dominate the world. 
  • The saints approached the goddess and informed her of the hardship done by Magisasuran. 
  • Then with the power of a female goddess a girl child appears and the baby is named as  Lalithambigai. The child grew up in 9 days and on the 10 day she grew as Annai Parasakthi Lalithambigai with lots of anger came strongly and destroyed Magisasuran and that day is celebrated as “Dussehra”.
  • The Kulasai Festival is organized in Sri Mutharamman Temple (Kulasai Mutharamman Temple) is located in Kulasekharapatnam near Thiruchendur in Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu. 
  • The dussehra is celebrated at the time of September and October.


  • You get the bus from Chennai to Kulasekharapatnam the duration can be covered in 9 hours. 
  • You can go by bus from Madurai to Kulasekarapattinam the duration is 3 hours 30 minutes 
  • There are bus facilities to this temple from Thiruchendur, which is only about 12 km away from this temple.


Nearby Railway Stations : 

  • Chennai
  • Madurai
  • Thiruchendur

Then by road you can reach the temple. 


Nearby Airports : 

  • Thiruvananthapuram 
  • Tuticorin
  • Madurai 
  • Chennai 
  • Idli 
  • Dosa 
  • Uttapam 
  • Sambhar Rice 
  • Rehoboth Guest House, Thiruchendur
  • Aranmagan Residency, Thiruchendur
  • Manapad Beach
  • Sri Devi Jakkamma Temple
  • Veerapandiya Kattabomman Memorial Fort in Panchalankurichi.


  • Ultra wide angle lens
  • Short or medium telephoto or zoom lens
  • 10mm to 18mm crop sensor

From The Visitors

  • Piyush Chakravarty shares his experiences and tell if you visit the Mela during the day of Maha Snaan with just your clothes and towel, you will find people coming to you and distributing all the things you need from hair oil sachets to face cream, to even a comb, everything being given.
  • Archit Asthana says there was something special in the waters, divinity or whatever but there was something. It was a life changing experience.
  • I saw multitudes of people, streams of humanity all guided by faith and spirituality. I witnessed the magnificence of Hindu spiritual heritage. Someone barely had clothes to cover their body, while others joined in their luxurious vehicles. And it did not matter. I was filled with Vairagya, says Nitin Sharma.


Although, the main attraction of Prayagraj is Kumbh Mela but there is much more to the city that we can capture in our cameras and cherish forever.

  • Triveni Sangam
  • Prayagraj Fort
  • Minto Park
  • Shringverpur
  • Khusro Bagh
  • Devotion of the people
  • Folk plays
  • Shiv Aarti


  • Never keep your phones and wallets in back pockets as this becomes an open invitation to the pickpockets in the heavy crowd.
  • Do NOT throw any kind of garbage in the rivers or near their garbage. You could be charged heavy compensation by the law.
  • While you go out and roam the Mela grounds, lock your bags through chains in the hotel rooms or your tents.
  • When you go out to see the shades of the city, try to travel with minimum or no luggage. Keep your important papers and excess money safe in hotel rooms.
  • The entire place gets dusty so it is advisable to keep sanitizer and wear a mask for protection.
  • If traveling with children make them wear bright colored clothes so that they become easy to spot in the crowd.
  • There are various police check points established at a distance of a few meters, report to them if facing any kind of inconvenience.

How To Reach

Nearest Airport:
Prayagraj airport is located in Bamrauli with a distance of 12kms from the Prayagraj city. The airport only operates domestic flights.

Nearest Railway Station:
Prayagraj city is well connected to all the corners of the country and welcomes trains from all the major cities. Here is the list of railway stations situated in Prayagraj:
Allahabad Chheoki (ACOI)
Naini Junction (NYN)
Allahabad Junction (ALD)
Phaphamau Junction (PFM)
Subedarganj (SFG)
Allahabad City (ALY)
Daraganj (DRGJ)
Jhusi (JI)
Prayag Ghat (PYG)
Prayag Junction (PRG).

Nearest Bus Stands:
The city welcomes buses from both UPSRTC and private companies. The nearest bus stand is Civil Lines Bus Station located in Madhopur.

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