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  • The Bharani festival commemorates the birth of Bhadrakali (Hindu Goddess) who according to Hindu mythology was considered to be born from the third eye of Samhara Rudra (Lord Shiva) and was the one who went to finish off the demon Darika.
  • Celebrated in Kodungallur, the ancient capital of Kerala, the festival is held at Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy Temple (Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple), one of the oldest and wealthiest temples in the State.
  • The historical city Kodungallur finds mention in the Ramayana as well as in other ancient texts. In one of them, it is called Muchiri Pattanam, Muchiri denotes the three branches of the Periyar river, which open into the Arabian Sea at this town.
  • The festival usually falls in the Malayalam month of Meenam (roughly March/April) and every year, thousands of devotees and curious visitors come to attend this seven-day annual festival starting from the Bharani asterism in the month of Kumbham to 7 days after the Bharani asterism in the month of Meenam.
  • The Bharani festival unleashes the fury of the low caste people who were not allowed inside the temple during ancient times, this is when all of them dance around the temple marking their presence to their beloved Goddess.
  • The rituals at this temple are believed to have originated from the ancient ties between Kodungallur and the region under the Chera rule that also had their second capital – Thondi.
  • This unique festival begins with the ritual called ‘Kozhikkallu Moodal’ which involves the sacrifice of cocks and shedding of their blood, which forms an important feature of this temple. It is to appease the goddess Kali and her demons who take delight in blood offerings.
  • Kavu Theendal and Bharani Paatu are the two significant rituals held as a part of the festival.
  • The spectacular event called Kavu Theendal is held on the day prior to Bharani asterism.
  • The Raja of Kodungallur plays an important role in this festival because the belief is that Goddess Kodungallur bhagavathi is the patron of the Cranganore (Kodungallur) royal family. Thus Kavu Theendal ceremony starts when one among the royal family unfolds the Pattukkuda, a red Umbrella used for declaring the commencement of the Bharani festival. It also is a sign of granting permission to the lower caste people to enter the temple.
  • Devotees run around the temple three times with sticks in their hands, before entering the temple. This ritual commemorates the slaying of the demon Darika, and the sticks are said to be substitutes for the swords and other weapons used for the ritual in the past.
  • Then Oracles (Vlichappadu or Komarams) both men and women from different parts of the state run in a trance state around the temple and smite their foreheads with the sword, proclaiming their communion with the Mother Goddess while their devotees refrain “thaannaro thannaro” and strike the temple rafters with bamboo sticks and tossing offerings over the roof and on to the inner quadrangle.
  • The Oracles, with blood-covered faces, bright red attire with bells attached to it, and curled swords dance and sing the “Bharani Pattu”. They make the cry of abuse at the goddess in the bawdy language.
  • The belief is that when the oracles perform, the energy of the goddess is invoked in their body, hence most oracles do not use medicine on the wound as they believe that Goddess Kali would heal them while some covered the wound with turmeric as blood drips down their face. 
  • The Bharani Pattu is mainly obscure songs that are believed to calm the Goddess and stop her from destroying the world. Some of the songs refer to the benevolence, ferocity, and divine powers of the goddess, while most songs describe the insatiable sexual desires of the Goddess and the unimaginable nature of her vulva, along with imaginative sexual postures. It is recited by all the people visiting the temple, irrespective of sex and age.

By Air

  • There is no direct flight connectivity to Kodungallur.
  • The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport, Kochi which is about 30 kms away from the temple. The airport is well connected across major cities in India.
  • After getting from the airport, you can take a public or private bus to the temple.
  • You can also book a cab or auto to the temple which is easily available.

By Train

  • There is no direct rail connectivity to Kodungallur.
  • The nearest railway station is the Irinjalakuda railway station and the nearest major railway station is the Thrissur railway station.
  • You can take a taxi or auto to the temple which is around 24 km away from the Irinjalakuda railway station and 40 km from Thrissur railway station.

By Bus

  • Although the Kodungallur bus stand is well connected to major cities within Kerala, it is not a great option for long-distance travelers.
  • For travelers outside Kerala, the best option is to reach Ernakulam by bus, many private buses are available from major metro cities.
  • Then from Ernakulam, either take a bus or book a cab to the temple which is around 36.5 km from Ernakulam.

Kodungallur is often revered as the ‘Rome of the East’ for its different cultures, religious faiths, and beliefs. In the ancient city, Kodungallur you can relish traditional Kerala cuisine. Now let’s take you to the streets of Kodungallur for some mouth-watering dishes in your budget, so you don’t have to think there before you eat!

Budget-Friendly -

  • Kasimkka's Homely Lunch- Address- Pettumma, Kodungallur
  • Krishna Cafe- Address-  Sringapuram, Kodungallur
  • Taj Delight Kallumakaay- Address- Star Nagar, Uzhuvathu Kadavu, Kodungallur
  • House Of Pizza- Address-Mughalmall 3rd floor, Kodungallur

Feed your Hunger -

  • Saffron Restaurant- Address- Pettumma, Kodungallur
  • Sree Krishna Brahmins Hotel-Address- Near Asoka Theatre Thekke Nada, Road, Pettumma, Kodungallur
  • K Town- Address- Kitchen Star Nagar, Kodungallur
  • Relax Muziris Kitchen- Address- NH-17 Near Town Hall Guruvayoor, Chandapura, Chanda Nagar, Kodungallur

Fine Dine -

  • Leo Desserts- Address- Kodungallur Bypass Road. Opp: Panickers Hospital Chandapura, South, Kodungallur
  • Emperor Restaurant- Address-  Chandapura - Kottapuram Bypass Rd, Chandapura, Bharatnagar, Chaithanya Nagar, Chanda Nagar, Kodungallur
  • KFC- Address- Mughal Mall NH 66, Vadakkenada
  • Vanchinadu Restaurant- Address- Star Nagar, Kodungallur

Rs. 400-600 Per Night (May vary later)

  • Hisham Regency- Address-  North Kalamassery, HMT Kalamassery, Kochi
  • North Centre- Address- SRM Road, near North railway station back entrance, Kochi
  • Rasa Hotel- Address- 1/839 Bastion Street, Kochi

Rs. 700-800 Per Night 

  • KV Plaza- Address- Maulana Azad Road Kaliyath Tower, Kochi
  • Hotel Srinivas- Address- M.G. Road | Ernakulam, Kochi
  • Hotel Royal Wings- Address- Opp: International Airport | Nedumbassery, Kochi

Rs. 800-900 Per Night

  • Oak Field Inn- Address- Nettipadam Road, Near South Railway Station | Ernakulam South, Kochi 
  • South Gate Residency- Address- Kalathiparambil Road | Near South Railway Station, Ernakulam-South, Kochi
  • Hotel Stayzo- Address- Arakkakadavu Road, Edappally, Kochi


  • Appam with stew
  • Puttu and Kadala Curry
  • Banana Fritters
  • Banana Halwa
  • Pathiri (Rice Roti)
  • Idiyappam (Sevai)
  • Coconut Toddy


  • Oracles dancing in the trance state
  • Devotees running around the temple
  • Ritual of Kozhikkallu Moodal
  • Devotees singing Bharani Pattu


  • Cheraman Juma Masjid
  • Thriprayar Sree Rama Temple
  • St Thomas Church
  • Marthoma Pontifical Shrine
  • Kottapuram Muziris Fort (Cranganore Fort)

Worth Seeing -

  • Cheraman Juma Masjid
  • Kadappuram Beach
  • Thriprayar Sree Rama Temple
  • Koodalmanikyam Temple
  • Thiruvanchikulam Mahadeva Temple
  • Azhikode Munakkal Beach
  • Cranganore Fort

Gears –   

  • Wide Angle Fish Eye Lens
  • Telephoto Lens
  • Tripod
  • Ultra Wide Angle Zoom Lens
  • Portrait Lens


  • 30℃
  • 86℉
  • Days are sunny (hotter)
  • Nights are warm

Shoot –

  • Landscape
  • Oracles with blood dripping down their heads
  • Devotees running around the temple
  • Oracles dancing in the reverie state
  • Portraits
  • Beautiful Temple

Safety –

  • Friendly People
  • Safer Place to Travel
  • Carry Prescription Medicines
  • A Handy Torch
  • Cash

How To Reach

Nearest Airport- Cochin International Airport (30 km) and Kozhikode International Airport (125 km)

Nearest Railway Station- Irinjalakuda railway station (25 km) and Thrissur railway station (40 km)

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