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  • Celebrations and Festivals are approaches to unite an enormous family and to praise the harmony of the Festival. Such Social mosaic of multi-ethnicity is worth- experiencing.
  • Every year towards the end of the year, the tribes of "the Falcon Capital of the world", Nagaland celebrate the Hornbill Festival with thankfulness and enthusiasm. Hornbill Festival is held every year at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama which is around 12 km from Kohima.
  • Kohima comprises mainly the mountains except from those zones flanking Assam valley. Mount Saramati is the highest peak with a height of 3,840 meters, and its range shapes a characteristic hindrance among Nagaland and Burma.
  • The Hornbill Festival is named after the Indian Hornbill, the enormous and beautiful timberland winged creature which is shown in legends in a large portion of the state's clans. It is a symbol of 'Respect' and 'Folklore' among the Nagas.
  • Over 60% of the population in Nagaland rely upon horticulture, and in this way, the more significant part of their Festivals spin around agriculture. 
  • The main aim of the Festival is to resuscitate and ensure the rich culture of Nagaland, encourage inter-tribal interaction and portray its event and traditions.
  • The celebration begins with an Invocation to the religious deities with a tribal dance move which is trailed by the introduction of specific exhibitions and handloom shops, competitions like horse riding.
  •   Age-old practices, clans which you haven't known under the steady gaze, but the warm and accommodating signals of Naga clans will make you feel at home, meandering through the paths of lavish green towns, Kohima's night bazaars, glad and in-depth presentation of conventional and traditional qualities giving an existence far away from a chaotic life. 
  • Organized by the Administration of Nagaland and the State Tourism, Art and Culture Department, Hornbill Festival exhibits a mélange of social shows under one rooftop. 
  • For guests, it implies a closer comprehension of the individuals and culture of Nagaland, and a chance to encounter the food, tunes, moves and customs of Nagaland. 
  • Hornbill Festival unites everyone in Nagaland and individuals appreciate the vivid exhibitions, creates, sports, food fairs, games and functions. Conventional expressions which incorporate works of art, wood carvings, sculptures and figures are additionally displayed. 
  • The Hornbill Festival gives a fascinating insight into the Traditional Naga Morungs Exhibition and sale of Expressions and Artworks, Food Stalls, Herbal Medication Stalls, Flower shows and deals, Social medley- melodies and dance. Naga troupes sing people melodies, perform conventional moves and play indigenous games and sports, Design shows, Beauty contests, Conventional Archery, Naga wrestling, Indigenous Games, and Music concerts. 
  • In the evenings, a program of music concerts, of various genres, guarantee that the festive spirit continues as the night progresses. 
  • The Festivals uncover the way of life and custom of tribal people groups and fortify Nagaland's identity and way of experience as a one of a kind in India's Federal Union. 

By Air:

  • The state has its air terminal in Dimapur, which is consistently regulated by significant flights. 
  • The city is connected to Kolkata by air.
  •  Indian Airlines operate regular flights to Dimapur Airport. 
  • After reaching the airport, tourists need to travel to Kisama by road which takes two and a half hours to arrive. 

By Rail:

  • The significant railhead in the state is Dimapur, which is connected to Guwahati.
  • Guwahati is associated with the rest of the nation by significant trains. 
  • From Dimapur railway station you need to hire a taxi that will take you to Naga Heritage Village within a couple of hours.

By road:

  • Kisama Heritage Village doesn't have flight or train connectivity. But it can be reached via bus. It's also connected with the road so you can hire a taxi, or self-drive to reach there.
  • Kohima is well connected with a vast network of National Highways and State Highways to the significant parts of the country.
  • It is connected to Shillong and Guwahati, which are significant urban communities in North-Eastern India.
  • From Guwahati to Kisama Heritage Village, the distance is 356 km and takes about 9 hrs on the road.
  • Taxis can directly take you to Naga Heritage village from Kohima and the nearby cities and towns.

Let us take you through the valleys of Kohima during the Hornbill festival for the rarest lip-smacking dishes in your budget so that when you visit, you don't have to think before you eat! 

Budget-Friendly Food Stalls-

  • Spice zone -Address: Ser's Bazaar shopping arcade, Kohima
  • The Hut restaurant- Address: CK Arcade, Main Town, Kohima
  • Jat Restaurant-Address: Near Jail Gate, Above Star Mart, Jail Colony, Kohima
  • Fifa Cafe-Address: Opposite Oking Hospital, Kohima
  • D Cafe-Address: Jail colony, Kohima
  • Amaris-Address: Jail Colony, opp Central Jail, Kohima

Satiate your hunger pangs-

  • Flaming Wok - Address: Nagaland Transport Road, Kohima
  • Dream Cafe- Address: Opposite War Cemetery, Kohima,
  • Dons Den-  Address: KE Complex, Half Nagarjan Road, Dimapur
  • Ete Coffee- Address: Billy Graham Road, near Kohima College

Fine Dine-

  • The Spanish Restaurant- Address: Tinpati Junction, Kohima
  • Deccan Kitchen- Address: Near Kohima College, Kohima
  • Chapru - Address: NH 29, Kiruphema, Kohima
  • Chigtsuong Restaurant- Address: NH 61, Kohima

Rs 300-600/ night

  • Central Guest House- Address: Below Taxi Stand And New Nst, H.no. 29 B, Daklane
  • Ecostay Hostel- Address: TCP Gate, Below Kohima War Cemetery KROS PLAZA Building

Rs 800- 1000/ night

  • Native Stories Homestay Tribal heritage- Address: 7.2 km from city centre
  • Mountain View- Address: St Joseph's College Zakhama House Number 6EC11

Rs 1000-1200/ night

  • I.K.Homestay- Address: Kohima, Nagaland
  • Orchid Homestay- Address: 0.4 km from city center
  • Kushti Aakhara
  • Vittal Birdev Temple

Gears –   

  • Wide Angle Fisheye Lens
  • Zoom Lens
  • Portrait Lens
  • Tripod


  • Days are warm and nights are cold


  • Friendly People
  • Safe Place to Travel
  • Be cautious about overcharging
  • Be cautious about pickpockets
  • Carry prescription medicines and water bottle
  • Cash

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Nearest Railway – Diampur RAilway Station

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