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  • Located in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, this land holds a lot of historic and cultural importance as it is considered to be the place where Krishna was born and spent his childhood and adolescent days.
  • Vrindavan is located at 27.58°N 77.7°E. It has an average elevation of 557 feet.
  • City of Vrindavan is settled at a distance of 11kms from Mathura - Krishna's birthplace on the Agra-Delhi national highway, NH-44.
  • It is described as one of the most sacred and holy places in Vaishnavism. According to Hinduism, Lord Krishna spent days of his childhood innocence and playfulness here. This belief and devotion makes this land hold the impression that it has now.
  • The land derives its name, Vrindavan by two words : 'vrinda' meaning tulsi which is a medicinal herb and is considered as a holy symbol in Indian culture and 'van' which means forest. So, Vrindavan means a holy forest that explains the city's enriched wildlife.
  • According to the census of 2011, Vrindavan is a home for 63,005 people while being home to such a huge amount of population, everyone lives here in harmony, chanting God's name, celebrating life and spreading peace.
  • Vrindavan is also known as 'The City of Widows' because of around 15,000 to 20,000 of ladies living here after the demise of their husbands. These ladies come from regions of West Bengal, Assam and Odisha to make God the purpose of their life.
  • The festival of holi took birth in Barsana and Nandgaon regions of Vrindavan. The tale of Holi begins firstly when Lord Krishna in his childhood days went with his friends from Nandgaon to put colors on Radha playfully and then next day Radha and her friends came from Barsana with bamboo sticks to seek a playful revenge from Krishna.
  • Celebrations of holi begin firstly in Barsana and here it is known as Latthmar Holi, women playfully beat men while they try to put colors on them. After latthmar Holi, holi celebrations reach Nandgaon and then finally colors are splashed in Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan. People from all over the world come here to celebrate the festivities of Holi that start seven days before the actual date of festival.
  • The main attraction here is Phoolon wali Holi of Banke Bihari temple, Vrindavan. The temple is decorated with thousands of flowers and the colors that are used to play Holi with, are made from natural substances and dried flowers mixed in sandalwood powder.
  • The Widow's Holi is also a surreal and unique experience. Widows spend their life in plain white clothes and gloominess but during the time of Holi, widows of Pagal Baba Ashram break these rules and colors themselves with all the joys and enthusiasm.
  • Holi in Vrindavan is surely an one of a kind experience. Holi here is not only a festival of splashing colors on each other instead it is a form of utmost devotion mixed with love and enthusiasm which places people closer to their beloved God. 

Now that we have heard a lot about Vrindavan and it's grand Holi celebration, I know it's now on the list of your next vacation. Let's look at the ways to reach there.


  • The city of Vrindavan does not have an airport. The nearest airport is Kheria Airport of Agra which is 70kms away from Vrindavan. The airport has direct flight from all the major cities like Delhi etc. One can easily book cabs for Vrindavan from the airport.


  • The direct train route to Vrindavan is only available from Mathura, other trains routes connecting several cities end at Mathura Junction and then from there you can take a different train or book a cab to Vrindavan. The distance between Mathura and Vrindavan is only 13kms. 
  • The trains to Mathura are available from all the parts of the country, connecting cities like Delhi, Hyderabad and Trivandrum to the land of spirituality. Major trains like Punjab Mail, Swaraj Express run on this route. 


  • The availability of direct buses to Vrindavan city is huge in comparison to other travel options. Fare depends on distance to destination and condition of the bus.
  • Direct buses are available from cities like Agra, Mathura, Mumbai, Kolkata, Panjim, Vizag, Kochi etc. Buses can be booked online and offline both.

Vrindavan is the land of the Gods and goodness therefore the culture, the vibe and the food it offers, you won't get it anywhere else in the world. The delicious foods prepared with love as a main ingredient are knocking your phone screens now and I know like us, you too can't wait to taste them.

Vrindavan was once home to the makhan chor - Kanhaiya. So butter and milk are highly consumed food products here and along with them, the city also has a big sweet tooth. You will get most of the food joints labeled as pure vegetarian. While walking on the streets, you would find many buttermilk, milk badam, tea, samosa and jalebi vendors. 


Lassi: The lassi here is different from the other parts of the country. Lassi from Vrindavan has a creamy and thick layer of malai at top and the bottom is filled with dry fruits.

Satvik Samosa: Ever heard this adjective with Samosa before? No, right. This is an unique kind of samosa prepared without onions and garlic. These samosas are served with tempting green chutney or satvik aloo curry.

Kachori: The hot and spicy moong daal kachori are drenched in desi ghee for frying and are prepared without onions and garlic. Vrindavan also offers a sweet version of kachoris filled with dry fruits and khoya.

Makhan Mishri: This is served as an offering of love by many temples. This food is said to be bal gopal's favorite food and is served in an earthen pot with sugar cubes layered on top of butter. 

Jalebi: The hot and mouth melting jalebis are served in a cone made with dry leaves. This amazing dish is enjoyed with a layer of cold rabdi on top. 


The food stores in the city offer some greatest and delicious dishes of all times. The aroma coming out from these food stores will compel you to stop, eat and relish the taste.

Brijwasi Sweets:

Speciality: Sweet Kachoris, Moong dal halwa, Handcrafted chocolates.

Price Range: This self service restaurant is budget friendly and price ranges from ₹120 to ₹400.

Address: Bhaktivedanta, Swami marg, Bankebihari colony.

Timings: 7:00AM to 11:00PM. 

Bharti Foods Restaurant:

Speciality: Jalebi and Khaman 

Price Range: The dishes are served at a low price. Everything is under ₹500.

Address: Bhaktivedanta, Swami Marg, Bankebihari colony. 

Timings: 10:00AM to 11:00PM.

Hare Krishna Guest House Prasadam:

Speciality: Healthy,hygienic and home like food.

Price Range: You can get a full satvik (without onion and garlic) food thali of Indian food at a minimum price of ₹25.

Address: In the campus of ISKCON temple 

Timings: 08:00AM to 10:00PM. 


The Vrindavan is a city of magic, wonder and devotion. The luxurious food restaurants standing in the city serve magic and health on your plates layered with devotion for their God and guests. 

Ammaji's Restaurant: 

Speciality: Serving ayurvedic and organic foods.

Price Range: ₹1500 for two people. 

Address: Parikrama marg, Shree Bindu sewa sansthan.

Timings: 07:30AM to 11:00PM.

Hotel The Royal Bharti:

Speciality: Satvik Indian and continental food. 

Price Range: ₹1000 for two people. 

Address: Gopal Garh, Omaxe township.

Timings: 9:00AM to 1:00AM

11 Flowers Rooftop and AC Restaurant:

Speciality: Vegan and gluten free options.

Price Range: ₹800-1000 for two people. 

Address: Near Balaji ashram

Timings: 09:00AM to 11:00PM.

While you are on your way to seek the spiritual bliss in Vrindavan, you will also require a comfortable stay where you can relax and get rid of all the tiredness caused by dancing on Lord Krishna's flute.


Even though the land of Vrindavan is at the heights of joy during the festival of holi but let me tell you, this city never stops having fun. Stories of Krishna are mixed in air thus, all seasons welcome tourists from all over the world.

Nand Atithi Bhawan: 

Description: King sized beds, non ac rooms, 24x7 check in available, attached bathrooms, daily housekeeping, CCTV cameras and fire extinguishers available in the hotel.

Address: Near ISKCON temple.

Price: ₹442 per night

Jyoti Palace:

Description: Compact and comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms facilitated with ac and wifi.

Address: Bankebihari marg

Price: ₹553 per night


Whole city gets coloured in the devotion of Lord Krishna during Holi and weeks before it. Tourists from all over the world come to experience the grand festival of colorful joy and thus, the hotel rates are higher than usual during this time of the year. The hotels offer a lot of attractions in form of free gifts and welcome treats during Holi.

Kridha Residency-A Boutique Hotel:

Description: The name of the hotel itself celebrates love of Krishna and Radha. The rooms are big and spacious, decorated with paintings of lord Krishna. Attached bathrooms, private balcony, refrigerator, free wifi and ac rooms available. 

Address: Bhaktivedanta, opposite Prem mandir.

Price: ₹2400 per night 

Attractions: Gift boxes given to each guest. Free breakfast at Dasaprakash Restaurant.

Hotel Galaxy:

Description: The rooms are spacious with king sized beds, free parking and wifi, guides and cab booking services available too. 

Address: H-3, Krishnapuram, nearby Birla mandir.

Price: ₹1500 per night.

Attractions: Serving of butter in an earthen pot as a welcome snack. The staff dresses as ancient Braj people during the festival.


5-star restaurants are always a delightful experience. When the vibe of Vrindavan is blended with such luxury, it becomes an unforgettable experience. Following are the 5-star hotels of Vrindavan: 

Hotel The Royal Bharti:

Description: Free wifi, free breakfast, availability of shuttle bus service and laundry, spacious rooms with attached balconies and bathrooms. 

Address: Gopal Garh, Omaxe township.

Price: ₹5592 per night.

Hotel Hare Krishna Orchid:

Description: Free internet, pool and gym area, indoor gaming zone and well illuminated big rooms with attached bathrooms.

Address: Behind Prem mandir

Price: ₹4289 per night.

Whole city of Vrindavan is pure magic created out of devotion, faith and love and it has embedded a beautiful tale from history in each of its corners. Here are some must try options curated from the city's heart to make your trip complete.

  • Bankebihari Mandir
  • Prem Mandir
  • Radharaman Temple
  • ISKCON Vrindavan
  • Shri Ranganatha Temple
  • Uma Shakti Peeth
  • Keshi Ghat

Gears –   

  • Telephoto lenses
  • Wide angle lens 
  • Waterproof DSLR cases


Experiences are always valued as they can teach you a lot. Let’s go through the experiences of some people who got an opportunity to celebrate Holi in this beautiful city and feel the spirituality of holy land through our phone screens.

  • Mansi Gupta tells that “Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki” are the only words you hear. The whole crowd chants this in sync and the breeze carries the fragrance of flowers,milk and colors.
  • Visitors are very much considerate about the poors says, Abhishek Sura. While the holi celebrations are in full swing, you can see beggars and some coin selling stalls on other lanes. People buy coins from there and then donate them to poors.
  • The widows played Holi for the first time in 400 years. The whole scene was so empowering and emotional to witness.


  • Highest 30°C (86 F) and lowest 15°C (59 F) with slight chances of rain.
  • The best time to visit Vrindavan is in the months from October to March. 


  • Rural life 
  • Lathmar Holi
  • Holika Dahan
  • Dhulandi Celebrations 
  • Krishna Aarti
  • Natural scenes at Yamuna
  • Holi from flowers
  • Telephoto lenses
  • Wide angle lens 
  • Waterproof DSLR cases


  • While traveling to temples, take care of your wallets and phones and beware from the pickpockets.
  • There are a lot of monkeys in Vrindavan so be careful of your belongings and don’t tease them otherwise the animals end up being aggressive and scratching you all over. 
  • Beware of local guides fooling you and charging more than stated by the government. Check their ID cards first and then decide to hire them.
  • Some perverts try to contact women with negative intent. Make sure you do not fall in their trap and complain to the authorities if faced any inconvenience. 
  • Do not throw any kind of garbage in temple areas or on the banks of Yamuna, people are really concerned about their holy lands and tend to get angry if someone is seen spreading pollution. Authorities can also charge you heavy compensations if found guilty. 

How To Reach

Nearest Airport:
Kheria Airport is situated 70kms away from Vrindavan.

Nearest Railway Stations:
Vrindavan Railway station which is just 1km away only has direct trains from Mathura.
Mathura Junction is located at 11.65 kms from Vrindavan and connects 580 trains.
Kosi Kalan railway station with a distance of 34.07 kms brings 126 trains.
Hathras Junction is 43.3 kms away from Vrindavan calls for 112 trains.

Nearest Bus Stands:
Vrindavan Bus stand connects buses from all major cities.

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