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  • Gauchar Mela is an annual trade fair held in the hilly town of Gauchar in Uttarakhand, 800 meters above the sea level.
  • Gauchar is located on the left bank of river Alaknanda in Chamoli district. If you’ve been to Badrinath, you must have passed through the town.
  • The word “Gauchar” originates from the land being a grazing field.
  • It is one of the largest trade fairs of Uttarakhand.
  • The trade fair showcases and trades various regional products (like agricultural produce, arts & crafts, etc.) from the cottage industries of the state.
  • It is also famous for the cultural display of the state. Various performances of the regional dances, songs, and cultural activities are held.
  • The history of Gauchar Mela dates back to the year 1943. It was inaugurated by the then Deputy Commissioner – Mr. Barnedi.
  • It started with Tibetan traders coming to India for selling wool, deer musk, shilajit, black salt, and many ayurvedic products. But with the disputes between India and China in 1962, the trade was halted.
  • The fair begins on 14th November every year and continues for a week or so.

By Air

  • Although Gauchar has its airport, it is used only during emergencies.
  • The nearest airport to Gauchar is in Jolly Grant, Dehradun, which is 200 kms away.
  • The Jolly Grant Airport is well connected to all the major airports of the country.
  • As soon as you reach the airport, you can book a cab or take a bus to Gauchar.
  • The airport is well connected to the town of Gauchar via NH58.

By Bus

  • The town of Gauchar is well connected via road to the major cities in Uttarakhand like Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, etc.
  • Since it is a town en route Badrinath, the road connectivity is excellent.

By Train

  • The nearest major railway station is Rishikesh Railway Station, which is 235 km away.
  • It is well connected with major cities of the nation.
  • After you deboard the train at Rishikesh Railway Station, you can take a cab or bus to Gauchar.

Having the best local mouth-watering delicacies while visiting remote places is the highlight of the trip of any traveler. Since Gauchar is a very small town and is not a hotspot for tourists, not many restaurants operate here.

But if you want to have a taste of the northern cuisine with a regional twist, you can find a lot of dhabas along the road.

If you wish to dine in a restaurant, you will have to go to the nearest city of Rudraprayag or Karnaprayag.

Gauchar, unlike Nainital or Mussoorie, is not a tourist place. Hence, finding a classic hotel or a hotel chain is next to impossible. To stay in a big hotel, you’ll have to visit Rudraprayag (25 km).

However, there are two government approved hotels to stay in. They are:

  • A. R. Resort – It is a small resort located on Badrinath Road. It is easy to locate as it is located on the main road. It is a 2-star resort with deluxe rooms.
  • GMVN Gauchar – It is a 1-star tourist rest house located near the main market. It offers deluxe rooms and dormitories. It is an affordable place.


  • Regional dishes
  • North Indian Cuisine with a regional twist


  • Nature
  • Fair Activities
  • Regional art & craft
  • The beauty of remote India


  • Local market
  • Nature walks
  • Raul Devta Mandir
  • Bhairavnath Mandir
  • Mata Kali Temple
  • Paneshwar Shivalaya
  • Haryali Devi Temple

Worth Seeing –

  • Local Market
  • Natural Scenes
  • Regional Art & Craft
  • Local Life

Gears –   

  • Portrait Lens
  • Tripod
  • Zoom Lens
  • Landscape Lens
  • Wide Angle Fish Eye Lens

Weather –

  • Maximum Temperature – 22.3°C
  • Minimum Temperature – 10.2°C
  • The days are a little sunny.
  • Nights are very cold.

Shoot –

  • Landscape
  • Fair Activities
  • Town Life
  • Portraits
  • Star Trails

Safety –

  • Friendly people.
  • A safe place to travel.
  • Be cautious about overcharging.
  • Carry prescription medicines.
  • A handy torch.
  • Cash.

How To Reach

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (200 kms)

Nearest Railway Station – Rishikesh Railway Station (235 kms)

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